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  • Zoom In: Urban Hives, Gardens in Parking Lots

Zoom In: Urban Hives, Gardens in Parking Lots

Dec 13 2021

“I am very proud of my team and being surrounded by experts. I am also excited for the response of the local community every time we implemented a new project.”

What They Do: 

The Urban Hives is a public intervention that introduces gardens to parking lots using a low-cost, modular structure. The structure enables urban farming, mitigates pollution and provides an open green space for the local community. 

Startup Experience: 

“I started working on the project because of the scarcity of green spaces in Beirut and in response to climate change. It benefits local communities in the city at large. I applied to the GIMED program to learn the tools i need to turn this idea into a sustainable business solution. Through the mentoring I received, I have acquired a better understanding of the possible business models, which is the most complex side of this project, as it stands between a community initiative and green commerce. 

Source: Berytech