Zoom In: House of Lilies, Reviving Agricultural Lands with Compost Tea Solution

Apr 13 2022

The major benefits received during the program were the business coaching sessions, technical support, and the financing of the equipment.

House of Lilies is an organic farm that grows indigenous and exotic crops while promoting healthy lifestyles, partnerships with the land, and strengthening the local economy. The farm uses the concept of permaculture, an approach intended to design the development of agricultural ecosystems to be sustainable and self-sufficient.

House of Lilies grows a large collection of water lilies, aquatic plants, and ornamental fish. The ponds are part of the farm’s sustainable virtuous cycle as these constitute havens of biodiversity, a source of water for bees and wildlife, and a place to fertilize their irrigation water.

“We started our journey in organic agriculture when we shifted away from modern agricultural techniques, due to witnessing the drawbacks it has on the land. Modern agriculture generally uses large quantities of pesticides and fertilizers, which are designed to extend crop production seasons and rid crops of insects and worms. However, these substances contain many synthetic compounds, which cause harm to the soil, plants, and animals.

Source: Berytech