Zoom In: Dooda, Restoring Soil Health with Organic Worm Compost

Feb 25 2022

We have managed to validate our idea and shape it into a business model that is ready for investment.

Dooda Solutions is a women-led earthworm farm specializing in vermicompost, an organic soil amendment that restores soil health, increases the yield per plant by more than double, increases the seed germination by 40%, and reduces irrigation requirement by 30%. In response to farmer needs, Dooda vermicompost comes in liquid and solid varieties and ensures farmers reduced costs while increasing harvests. They restore soil life through the positive power of worms.

“We heard many great things about the Agrytech Accelerator Program, and we were looking for technical and business expertise to take our business to the next level and ensure we were investment ready. So far, we have grown our team to a total of 7 employees whom we call family. We’ve increased our production capacity, gained knowledge in all business aspects, from sales to marketing and beyond. The Agrytech program also led us to next-stage opportunities where we’ve secured additional investments (up to 45,000 USD).

Source: Berytech