Women Turning Crises into Opportunities!

Dec 17 2021

 Womenpreneur Initiative and SANAD Entrepreneurship Academy (Finance in Motion) launched the Womenpreneur Tour Book entitled “Women Turning Crises into Opportunities”.

In this book, they aim to celebrate MENA women leaders who are already at the forefront of innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, and to encourage others with the knowledge that it is possible to take up space and take on stereotypes.

“Today, in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic’s overwhelming impacts on life as we know it, we are sharing stories from that inspirational journey. These stories showcase the incredible strength and resilience of female entrepreneurs who face tremendous odds with resilience, tenacity, hope, and humor.”

FoodSight, a graduate startup from Agrytech batch3 and a member of the QOOT innovation cluster, participated with its founders in this interview.

Source: FoodSight