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Women crucial in transition to green energy

Mar 08 2022

This year International Women’s Day focuses on #BreakingTheBias and celebrating women’s achievements and increasing visibility in schools, universities, communities, and workplaces. One of the sectors where the participation of women needs a boost is the energy sector, says Evrydiki Fekka, Head of Lithium Batteries Product Management at Sunlight Group Energy Storage Systems. In this article, she argues that women are key to unlocking a greener future for our energy needs.

Times are changing, but there is still quite a gender gap in academic subjects such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). For years women have been underrepresented in these areas, making up just 28% of the workforce according to a recent US study. Men not only greatly outnumber women majoring in STEM subjects at university, but their average annual salaries are significantly higher than their female peers – adding the pay gap to the gender gap.

For me, engineering was a natural choice when preparing for university – as it should for any young adult passionate about following their dreams, whatever they may be. At about six years old, I started visiting the factory my father owned which produced metallic accessories for clothing. It was an end-to-end production line: from sourcing the raw materials to designing and creating the molds, to manufacturing the end products – zips and buttons.

Source: pv magazine International