Why You Should Go for Green Electricity This 2021

May 21 2021

Carbon dioxide and other global warming pollutants are flooding our atmosphere. These pollutants form a blanket that traps the sun’s heat energy in the atmosphere, warming the earth and putting marine life in jeopardy.

With these alarming updates, people can take some simple steps to help mitigate the effects of climate change. For example, we should invest in technological breakthroughs that enable the use of renewable energy.

The term “green electricity” refers to energy derived from natural sources such as the sun. Green electricity does not emit contaminants into the atmosphere, whereas renewable energy comes from continuously replenished sources.

Moreover, green electricity refers to energy sources such as sunlight, rain, and wind. It is highly beneficial because they are readily accessible on earth, can be replenished naturally, and do not cause significant environmental damage.

Aside from the common benefits mentioned above, there are other advantages that green electricity could offer to consumers this 2021.

1. It is Economical

The world has been moving toward renewable energies in recent years. According to a recent study by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), renewable energy is now considered the cheapest form of energy production. Renewable energy in the form of green electricity is now cheaper than new fossil fuel energy.

If it’s economical, why are people still not switching? There is a misconception about green electricity that needs to be clarified. According to a survey, and 11% believe the process is too complicated, 27% are unsure how to proceed, 30% believe there are no green energy providers in their region, and 32% perceive green energy to be too expensive.


Source: EcoMENA