Why data standardization is crucial for the supply of safe and secure water

Sep 30 2021

It is common for professionals in the water sector to face problems related to data collection, analysis and visualization, as there are a lot of different solutions offering the same results, while following a different approach or methodology. This creates a harmonization gap in respect to the data provided to operators, and hinders their successful collaboration with other relevant stakeholders.

However, there are some solutions to this challenge. aqua3S is a Horizon 2020 project combining novel technologies in water safety and security, which aims to standardize existing sensor technologies, complemented by state-of-the-art detection mechanisms, as an attempt to bridge the aforementioned gap. Specifically, the project creates strategies and methods allowing water facilities to easily integrate water solutions and to standardise existing and newly developed sensor technologies in one place. As a result, it presents information on a common platform, allowing water operators to correlate data and identify the source of a crisis within the water system and its evolution over time. Furthermore, it improves cross-organisational collaboration as teams now have access to the same data and can make better-informed decisions.

Source: International Water Association