What you need to know about the EU Soil Strategy and its relevance for the agrifood sector

Feb 28 2022

Experts have been warning about this for a long time already: Europe is losing its soil.

According to the European Environment Agency, erosion, construction and pollution have degraded 60% to 70% of the “live” layer of our soil: a layer 15 to 25cm wide, found just below the earth´s surface that hosts 25% of the planet biodiversity, providing food, biomass and raw materials and regulating water and carbon cycles – in other words, a key resource to fight climate challenge.

Soil degradation hampers ecosystems´ ability to produce raw materials and generates irreversible loses: it takes years to form just a few centimetres of soil, making it a non-renewable resource. Besides, its deterioration opens the door to desertification and speeds up climate change. This, at the same time, results in harder and longer drought cycles, linked to violent rainfalls that take away soil with them – in cases even eliminating soil completely.

Source: Innovarum