Web3 technology ‘puts farmers in charge of their data’

Mar 29 2022

Innovations such as Web3, the third generation of the internet, and easy-to-use video-based technologies in local languages have the potential to drive change in agriculture in developing countries, say technology advocates.

Web3, which refers to efforts to create a decentralised version of the internet based on blockchain technology and focused on user ownership, can flip traditional data models and put power back in the hands of farmers, the ICTforAg forum heard.

The interactive virtual event held last week (9-10 March) seeks to explore ways of leveraging information technology to build resilient agricultural and food systems in low- and middle-income countries.

“These innovations must take into account the needs of smallholder farmers in poor countries, they must be user-friendly and economical and effective.”

Alexander Valeton, managing director, Yielder


Source: Science Dev