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  • Water Shortages in MENA: A Trigger for Resilience & Innovation

Water Shortages in MENA: A Trigger for Resilience & Innovation

Aug 04 2021

Article published on EcoMENA.

Water has been – and will continue to be – a key shaper of life on earth. It is a major driver for the rise, dismantle, and displacement of civilizations. History has shown that water could be a cause of peace and conflict among nations.  From a more practical perspective, water is at the heart of socioeconomic and environmental development agendas. The MENA region is the most water-scarce region in the world, a situation being magnified by climate change and political instability. While the impacts of such amplified water challenge are becoming more visible, the indirect and unmeasured impacts on security and stability are expected to increase dramatically and rapidly in the coming years.

Most of the water resources existing in the Middle East are transboundary, a comprehensive and integrated water cooperation on the regional level seems like a far-fetched dream. Moreover, internal (state level) water hotspots that continue to grow and expand at an alarming rate are anticipated to trigger social unrest and migration challenges.

Some examples of countries and areas where internal water hotspots have been magnifying political, human and development challenges include Yemen, Jordan, Palestinian Territory, and the southern part of Iraq.

Source: Ruba A. Al-Zu'bi | blog