Understanding farmers’ adoption of smart technology

May 03 2022

DEMETER follows a multi-actor approach (MAA) ensuring that newly developed technical solutions meet real life needs. Farmers are a key stakeholder group within the DEMETER ecosystem. Understanding their needs, interests and concerns regarding digital technologies is central to a positive outcome for the project. With this in mind, we created an online survey to share with farmers to better understand the barriers and drivers to Smart Farming Technology (SFT) adoption.

The research was conducted across November and December 2021 and top-line results were shared at The Farmer’s Voice webinar.  In total, 484 responses were received. Farmers from 46 different countries completed the survey. 82% were male, while 17% were female (1% Other). The age of respondents was split as follows:  age 18-24 (4%), 25-34 (20%), 35-44 (24%), 55-64 (24%) and 65+ (5%). 27% of farmers that responded had a farm size greater than 200 ha, 17% indicated a farm size of 20ha-49ha, 16% had a farm size of 50-99ha. This was followed by smaller farm sizes with 14% having less than 5ha, while 13% had 5-19ha. Finally, 11% had 100-199 ha.