UN brief calls for access to affordable, nutritious food

Sep 23 2021

The UN released the “Healthy Diet for all in Jordan” policy brief on Thursday recommending the Kingdom adopt policies to ensure it transitions towards sustainable food systems to deliver healthy diets for all, according to a statement released by the UN.

According to the policy brief, Jordan has ratified the UN Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, adopted a National Strategy for School Health 2018-2022 and the National Food Security Strategy 2021-2030, and will be developing a national nutrition strategy soon.

The UN said the Global Nutrition Report 2020 showed that Jordan suffers from a “double burden” of micronutrient deficiencies and overweight/obesity issues, with women presenting the worst rates in both instances. The report also pointed to a serious gender gap in nutrition.

Eighty-four percent of adult Jordanians and Syrians aged 18 to 69 years consume unhealthy diets, less than the WHO recommended daily intake of fruits or vegetables. Anemia shows a 34 percent prevalence among children and women of reproductive age, and breastfeeding rates are low with just 25.4 percent of infants aged zero to five months exclusively breastfed.

Source: Jordan News