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Towards a Mediterranean Sustainable Energy Future

Jun 30 2021

Egypt is one of the biggest countries of the Mediterranean in both size and population, and a stark promoter of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership.

The country is committed to promote a closer cooperation between the countries of Mediterranean and energy is one of the most strategic and important sectors for cooperation. • Egypt’ plan to establish a regional hub for electricity and gas supplies is tightly linked to its interest in becoming part of and actively promoting a Mediterranean energy approach. Harmonizing its energy objectives and scenarios with those of the Mediterranean partner countries is a must for a successful regional integration. Moreover, Egypt’s also plays a leading role in coordinating sustainable energy objectives and planning of the Mediterranean and the Arab World and aims to act a facilitator for a wider regional harmonization of energy policies. Our 9th webinar is looking to introduce the sustainable energy scenario and plans developed by the three main energy institution of the Mediterranean working toward a sustainable, functioning and integrated Mediterranean energy market to Egyptian stakeholders and thus promoting a harmonization of national and Mediterranean sustainable energy planning: 1.Observatoire Mediterraneen de l’ Energie (OME): the Platform for energy dialogue, cooperation and best practices exchanges and a Think Tank of reference in the Euro-Mediterranean Region. 2.MEDREG: the network of Mediterranean energy regulators that aims to set the conditions for the establishment of a future Mediterranean Energy Community.

Source: Sustainable Energy Egypt