The Future of Food Symposium

Jun 09 2021

The University of Coventry are hosting the Future of Food Symposium 2021: From Recovery to Resilience, from  8-9 September, 2021.

They are inviting stakeholders to submit one-page abstracts with a deadline of 2nd of August 2021. Please submit to:

Call for papers | The Future of Food Symposium: From Recovery to Resilience | Hosted by the Centre for Business in Society, Coventry University 8th and 9th of September 2021

Current levels of global consumption and production are unsustainable and require transformative change to meet the emission reductions required to avoid catastrophic climate change (Alfredsson et al., 2018). Food remains a topic at the centre of this sustainable transition with its future critical to the livelihood and wellbeing of both people and planet. The wide reaching impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic has reframed such challenges. Bringing to light both unforeseen problems and at the same time exacerbating existing issues. Insight into the disruption of the pandemic is increasingly being shared by academics and practitioners. Coventry University have proposed this symposium as an opportunity to better understand not only the road to recovery towards a more sustainable food system, but also as a space to discuss, depict and devise what a more resilient transition pathway looks like.

The University invites stakeholders across business and society to present, discuss and collaborate in moving forward the sustainable food agenda. Paper presentations and panel discussions will be given by leading thinkers within academia, industry, the charitable sector and grassroots movements to prompt valuable discussion. They invite presenters and participants to join virtually.

Source: GODAN