The EU Green Deal upheld locally by MED partners

Nov 30 2021

Reducing emissions, developing energy efficient buildings, moving towards a greener, carbon-free environment. Yes, limiting temperature increase is possible. Two ENI CBC projects – implemented within the framework of the ENI CBC Med programme – were showcased this year at the UN climate change conference COP26, highlighting their contribution towards a resilient, climate neutral future. Their achievements were shared with the audience at the EU digital side event, held during the UN conference on 9 November. It was the occasion to find out what Europe and its southern neighbours are doing for climate resilience and green recovery. Contributing to the race to limit temperature increase to 1.5ºC.

The European Union has set out to be the first climate neutral continent in the world by 2050 and the European Green Deal provides the roadmap to achieve this ambitious goal. However, the efforts of the European Union alone are not enough. At the COP26 EU side event, Henrike Trautmann – acting director of NEAR B Unit, the DG for the Neighbourhood and Enlargement Policy – clearly stated that working with the neighbours is key to achieve this milestone on a global scale. The event offered a good opportunity to display initiatives and activities implemented in the Mediterranean region, a key European partner for reasons of proximity, interdependence, and shared history. Ms Trautman stressed the urgency for the region to cooperate for the green transition, for climate resilience and to shift towards sustainable, low emissions economies.

Source: Tesim ENI CBC