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Technical Assistance for Clusters in the Mediterranean – Morocco | Berytech

May 04 2022


The CE3M Cluster was created in 2010, and its mission is to develop innovative products made in Morocco, for the energy, mobility, medical and aeronautical sectors. • In figures, the CE3M is more than 110 members, 60 start-ups supported, 40 innovative products launched, a mechanical and electronic prototyping platform, a tech center for the incubation and reception of start-ups and carriers of projects, Its services focus on:

Support for innovation projects, by identifying the technologies needed to carry them out, and assistance with project management.

Funding, and search for suitable funding, depending on the projects.

Support for business development, Organization of participation in international fairs and networking, and rapprochement with national and international contractors.

The financial support of the Moroccan State for the Cluster is decreasing from year to year and should disappear in the long term.

After ten years of existence, the CE3M has developed its own resources; thanks to the services and platforms developed (prototyping and incubation services which have enabled it to achieve more than 40% self-financing. • It is necessary to further develop other sources of funding, via national and international funding bodies and to enrich the offer of services (prototyping, incubation,) to best meet the expectations of members and the territory.

Berytech is the official partner of The Next Society in Lebanon and Building on THE NEXT SOCIETY project, Berytech, in partnership with Anima Investment Network, is launching the “Scale-up voucher for Clusters” offering a technical assistance voucher with a value of 9,000 Euros that will be used to assist regional clusters in developing their growth strategy and expanding business opportunities for their cluster members.

Validate the needs of the cluster, and be able to draft a roadmap for the 3 months of the mission in consultation with the CE3M Cluster.

Draft fundraising and proposal writing for the start-up of the incubation program.

Identification of funding sources and opportunities in Morocco and with international donors.

Develop flexible and personalized commercialization and sustainability strategy toolkit to be used by the cluster to support them sustain their Community Members.

Deliver an induction session for the cluster Employees (Train of trainers) Process Manual for the team to acquire the needed skills to be able to manage the new cluster Strategy and fundraising process.

The trainer is expected to send all the developed documentation related to the cluster support including (Toolkit, Process manual, Presentation, Training material, etc…).

Expert trainers or the training firm will be selected based on:

The proposal and methodology suggested and fit the program’s objective.

Experts’ bio, proven track records, and experience in the field required.

5 years of experience in the related field with knowledge about the Moroccan market.

Kindly submit your proposal including the detailed training curriculum, timeline, and agenda, budget, methodology suggested, trainers CVs listing his/her experience in the field adequate for the project scope, by email to:

Jessica Ghaoui, Business Development Specialist, copying Alexandre Bassim, Procurement manager: • jessica.ghaoui@berytech.org cc procurement@berytech.org with the subject “Call for experts – Scale-up voucher technical Assistance”

Note: The Average budget should not exceed 9000 Euro.

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