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Technical Assistance for Clusters in the Mediterranean – Lebanon | Berytech

May 04 2022


QOOT Cluster is the first Agri-Food Cluster for Innovative SMEs in Lebanon. Established in 2019, QOOT Cluster regroups roughly 90 SMEs, and its mission is to support the members to grow their innovative businesses by fostering their readiness, competitiveness, and internationalization.

Berytech is the official partner of The Next Society in Lebanon and Building on THE NEXT SOCIETY project, Berytech, in partnership with Anima Investment Network, is launching the “Scale-up voucher for Clusters” offering a technical assistance voucher with a value of 9,000 Euros that will be used to assist regional clusters in developing their growth strategy and expanding business opportunities for their cluster members.

Get detailed insights on the current situation of the members of cluster with respect to the strategic pillars of the cluster in terms of readiness, competitiveness, and internationalization levels. The upmost outcome of such data collection and analyses should support the cluster management in developing tailor-made support to the members in order to strengthen the aforementioned strategic pillars.

Data to be collected should include technical, financial, logistical, resources, access to market, and other relevant information. The outcome herein is a detailed database on the i. types, sources, and quantities of raw materials ii. production/logistical bottlenecks impeding competitiveness iii. types and characteristics of end-products, marketplaces, distribution channels, etc. All the aforementioned leads to an optimized support system for the cluster members.

Develop and validate an assessment tool, which could be a blend of quantitative and qualitative data collection

Collect the data throughout field visits preferably or phone calls when field visits are not possible

Analyze Data and present it in a clear and indicative manner.

Develop a report at the end of the consultancy period with all the findings.

All the above mentioned should be performed in communication with the management team of the cluster.

Expert trainers or the training firm will be selected based on:

The proposal and methodology suggested and fit the objectives.

Experts’ bio, proven track records, and experience in the field required.

In-depth knowledge in the field of Agri-Food Businesses.

In-depth knowledge in the development of quantitative/qualitative assessment tools and in statistical analyses.

Kindly submit your proposal including the detailed training curriculum, timeline, and agenda, budget, methodology suggested, trainers CVs listing his/her experience in the field adequate for the project scope, by email to:

Jessica Ghaoui, Business Development Specialist, copying Alexandre Bassim, Procurement manager: • jessica.ghaoui@berytech.org cc procurement@berytech.org with the subject “Call for experts – Scale-up voucher technical Assistance”

Note: The Average budget should not exceed 9000 Euro.

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