Stimulating digital innovations through SmartAgriHubs’ open calls: PREPARE, RESTART & EXPAND

Apr 28 2021

In July 2020, SmartAgriHubs opened the RESTART and EXPAND open calls, assigning up to  €5,000,000 funding for Digital Innovation Hubs that are supporting diverse stakeholders in the agri-food economy.

On 18 March 2021, SmartAgriHubs announced the launch of a new open call, PREPARE, for which €1,200,000 is allocated.

Digital innovations implemented throughout the organic value chain have a huge potential to contribute to the current and future societal challenges. SmartAgriHubs’ open call is also a unique chance to connect with a wider community and exchange on latest knowledge and expertise.

This open call targets Digital Innovation Hubs[1] (DIHs) that are supporting organisations in the planning and definition of Innovation Experiments for digital transformation in the Agri-food economy. DIHs can propose activities and services that support companies and/or organisations in the definition and planning of so called “Innovation Experiments”. A specific objective of this PREPARE open call is to prepare a proposal for an Innovation Experiment that can be submitted in the EXPAND open call. The proposal should not be longer than 2 pages with one additional page with requested budget and milestones, and one other page presenting the involved DIH team. The PREPARE Open Call will be closed on 26 May 2021. Check the PREPARE Open Call fiche for more information.

This open call will focus on hackathon type of activities that will RESTART the economy around the agri-food related sectors and affected food systems. Its objective is to generate ideas for potential Innovation Experiments that can be realised by related teams and that go beyond initial conceptual implementations. Proposals could realise hackathons, challenges and datathons that have a direct as well as an indirect impact to mitigate effects of the corona/Covid-19 or similar (future) pandemics. Check the RESTART open call fiche for more information.

Source: TP Organics