SPARK Program: Developing Entrepreneurship for MSMEs in Lebanon

Jul 23 2021

SPARK has created a program to develop entrepreneurship for MSMEs in Lebanon with a combination of financial and technical support to adapt to Covid-19. Implemented by Berytech, the selected MSMEs received through the program a cash grant and capacity building in the form of webinars and coaching sessions.

The program was offered by SPARK, implemented by Berytech, funded by the European Union, the EU Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis, the EU Madad Fund, and Sanad.

The objective of the program was to support struggling MSMEs affected by the numerous crises in Lebanon: COVID-19, political unrest, and economic collapse, and help them digitize and fast-track towards new trends.

The focus was to provide technical assistance and business advisory services to the selected MSMEs to increase the impact of SPARK’s financial support, so they become more productive, efficient, and resilient.

The six teams received online training workshops covering Sales & Marketing, Digitalization, Health & Safety, and Crisis Management. For the one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions, teams were matched with experts to support them on business topics and specific technical topics.

Source: Berytech