SME4SMARTCITIES opens its Smart City Solutions call for proposals

Oct 26 2021

On October 26th, the SME4SMARTCITIES consortium launches its call to support SMEs in developing innovative and technological solutions to major urban challenges faced by Mediterranean cities participating in the project. Selected organisations will receive contracts from EUR 15,000 up to EUR 45,000. The procurement is financed by the consortium partners – with support from the European Commission ENI CBC MED Programme.

As cities continue to grow, so is the number of challenges they are facing. Environmental, economic or social emerging issues call for new and unproven urban solutions. The increasing need for urban innovation will result in the development of a significant number of smart cities initiatives, creating new business opportunities for Mediterranean SMEs. If we want our cities to be efficiently managed and more livable for communities, public authorities and SMEs must work together to come up with the best technological solutions.

Overcoming this challenge with the greatest source of innovation – entrepreneurial citizens and organisations – the consortium partners have joined forces to launch the SME4SMARTCITIES Call for proposals.


Source: ENI CBC Med