Should we care about Philosophy of AI in the Mena region?

Sep 18 2021

The artificial intelligence (AI) race between the global powers has countries everywhere hurriedly rummaging up AI applications. A quick glance at magazine headlines, popular culture, and even peer-reviewed academic literature shows the many grand predictions about AI and the eventual winner of its race. But is that race something to be celebrated or feared? And where does the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region stand?

AI-induced panic or peace?

Today, algorithms, deep learning and AI have emerged as unparalleled forces of power and have made their way into the everyday world. From the seemingly trivial, like setting your alarm for you and automating your workplace, all the way to fighting the pandemic or fighting future wars. The question of whether that is to be celebrated or not has polarised the general public.

Some fear the global unchecked rise of machines in our societies and the multitude of cautionary tales of unconstrained algorithm use. General examples include the flawed evaluation of immigration applicants and “future crime” predictions, and specific applications include the targeting and tracking of Uyghurs through China’s facial recognition technology. Others believe that algorithmic intelligence could offer us a brave new world of advancement and achievement. It could ‘free’ us from exploitative waged labor, predict and mitigate natural disasters, discover curative treatments, and so on…

Source: WAMDA