Shifting media focus from water issues to solutions and innovation

Sep 01 2021

Five representatives from different sectors within the water and media landscape came together in a session moderated by AMWAJ to discuss about constructive water journalism. The session kickstarted the ‘Solution-driven Water Journalism Workshop’ – a two-days workshop organized by the Regional Program Energy Security and Climate Change Middle East and North Africa (KAS – REMENA) and cewas’ Blue Peace Media Lab the 30 and 31 of August. The workshop was supported by Smart Water Magazine, AMWAJ and the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

The panel discussion delved into water innovation and the coverage that media platforms do of that topic. Under the tittle Moving beyond the problem, the panellist shed light into how to shift the media focus from water issues to water solutions and innovations.

The panel was composed by: Jon B. Alterman – Senior Vice-President and director of the Middle East Programme at CSIS –, Malak Altaeb – Analyst at Storyzy –, Erica Gies – award-winning independent journalist –, Maha Al-Zubi – Researcher on Agriculture and Water Solutions at IWMI –and Aline Bussmann – co-director at cewas–. For one hour, the speakers discussed and exposed their ideas on to the potential synergies for constructive water reporting.

The session started with some comments regarding the definition of water innovation and what it implies from Aline Bussmann.

“Essentially there is no one definition or one set of criteria that defines water innovation but there is a framework, in which, we as cewas, see innovation happening and this means seeing that ideas are being transformed into practical reality and only then innovation can respond to the need of people and the environment”.


Source: AMWAJ