Regreening the Deserts-A Solution: Register Now For The Panel Discussion Webinar

Jun 03 2021

Every year on June 17th, the United Nations celebrate the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, established in 1995 by the UN General Assembly.

To mark this important occasion, Cairo’s Heliopolis University, in collaboration with (ICARDA) and the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), will take part in a panel discussion webinar Regreening the Deserts-A Solution.

Desertification is a gradual process through which fertile land degrades over time and turns into barren soil unfit for agriculture. It is mostly driven by resource mismanagement, inappropriate agricultural approaches, and land overexploitation by fast-growing communities. It is also compounded by intensifying climate change.

As desertification accelerates, rural livelihoods, incomes and food security become more challenged.

Heliopolis University is bringing together a panel of experts to discuss the urgent need, and best practices, to regreen Egypt’s desert lands.

Hailing from Sekem, ICARDA, IWMI, Heliopolis University, the UNCCD’s Great Green Wall and Egypt’s Ministry of Water and Irrigation, the experts will discuss best practices to regreen the desert, explain why it is crucial to global stability, and highlight multiple challenges that come with halting, and reversing desertification.

They will also discuss the central roles that gender, higher education, research, and international sharing of knowledge each play in such an initiative.

Source: ICARDA