Now is the time to digitize your WWW facility: Here’s why and how

Oct 13 2021

Fifty years: that’s roughly the average age of the infrastructure at many water or wastewater (WWW) treatment facilities built or upgraded after the Clean Water Act of 1972. And although this equipment may function well enough that the water meets all necessary standards, is it ready for future demands?

If they haven’t already, aging infrastructure, climate change, and sustainability mandates will most likely impact your operations in the years to come.  To maintain a clean, consistent water supply for your customer base — while facing these new challenges — you’ll have to look beyond your potentially dated infrastructure toward digital solutions.

In this blog post, I make a case for digitizing your WWW facility and explain how billions in potential stimulus money can help you do so.

For the WWW industry, public health has always been the priority. But recently, the WWW industry has had to contend with challenges that impact public health and day-to-day operations. These include:

Source: Smart Water Magazine | Blogs