Making Crop Data Sharing Responsible and Reliable

Apr 15 2021

Sabina Lionelli and Hugh Williamson, who are currently responsible for the joint Exeter University/ Turing Institute research project From Field Data to Global Indicators will be coming to speak to us about their work.

The Webinar, titled Making Crop Data Sharing Responsible and Reliable: How Social Intelligence Fuels Ethical Data Management Strategies for Precision Agriculture will be held on Wednesday 28 April, 2021, at 13h00 BST (14h00 CEST/ 08h00 EDT).

Long-term, sustainable and responsible ways to access and share data are fundamental to all efforts to support planetary health, but particularly salient in plant and agricultural research. This talk reviews key challenges and solutions to data integration across climate, health, agricultural and environmental research, pointing to Open Science and cross-disciplinary exchange as indispensable to develop resilience, reliable evidence and ethical practices of data sharing and re-use.

Source: GODAN