Interview with Diana Sfeir Fadel: a pioneer in the fight for the environment and eco-sustainable development in Lebanon

Mar 08 2021

With the ambition to make Lebanon a pioneer of eco-sustainable development in the Middle East, Diana launched her NGO in 2012 with three main objectives, namely: education, mobilization and investment.

The mission of the foundation is to create a civic awareness while increasing the eco-sustainable development through four complementary pillars: a green investment platform, a civic circle, an industrial incubator and a chair for education on eco-citizenship and sustainable development: “To achieve sustainable development, we need good citizens. If they are not well informed, convinced and mobilized, we cannot achieve sustainable development in this country.” In the field, Fondation Diane is taking action by providing support to green businesses. Fourteen start-ups are currently receiving daily support. Diana has only invested in projects that she defines as very young and risky, but in which she has confidence. This audacity will necessarily mean the loss of her own personal funds. Despite this, she has no hesitation in moving forward and is proud of what she accomplishes day by day with her team. She says more than half of start-ups are expected to be viable, a figure above the average for more traditional incubators.

Source: SCP/RAC