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Impact Farmers, Support Climate Resilience Activities, Invest with WE4F Innovators

Aug 20 2021

Everyone, from government agencies to the average consumer is calling for more support for renewable and sustainable technologies. Are you ready to answer?

In 2020, global sustainable investments reached $35.3 trillion USD – a 15% increase since 2018. The coming years will see this hot investment space only get hotter as climate change impacts food systems, farmers, and consumers. Water scarcity is on the rise, our current energy systems are releasing too much GHGs, and the farmers who supply our food systems are facing a growing number of burdens. In order to meet these challenges and adapt to the impact of climate change, private sector partners and investors are expected to enhance their commitment towards environmentally sustainable approaches to business. Without that commitment and support, the farmers and their families who feed the world will be unable to cope with droughts, floods, fires, and desertification that will ruin agricultural productivity and value chains.

Also, a new call by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for more investment in clean technologies, joins conscious consumers and other actors who want to know that investors are not harming the planet. The need for integrating ESGs into investment approaches, paired with an accelerating need for more sustainable and resilient innovations in the countries that will be hit hardest by climate change, creates a crucial opportunity for investors. More precisely, these investors can help scale businesses and impact key thematic focuses like end-user resource access, poverty reduction, gender mainstreaming, climate change resilience and adaptation, food security, and the sustainable usage of water and energy.

Source: Water and Energy for Food