IITA scientists promote gender equality through agriculture in new publication

Feb 28 2022


 scientists, in partnership with more than 55 other 


 researchers and partners, have published a book that highlights over 30 years of history and wealth of gender knowledge. The IITA team contributed to four out of ten chapters of the book—chapters 2, 4, 9, and 10. The book “

Advancing Gender Equality through Agricultural and Environmental Research: Past, Present, and Future

Chapter 2, “Examining choice to advance gender equality in breeding research,” was co-authored by IITA Associate Social and Gender Scientist 

. The chapter explores how breeding research can promote gender equality. It critically examines what has been done to address gender dynamics in current breeding structures and processes. It explores further plans to ensure that breeding programs can advance gender equality. Progressing toward gender equality in agriculture requires that women and men have equal capabilities to make agricultural innovation decisions, specifically technology choices. The authors were explicitly concerned with technology choices relating to the plant variety or animal and fish breed by resource-poor smallholders in low-income countries.

Source: CGIAR | News