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  • Iberdrola announces winners of agrivoltaic contest

Iberdrola announces winners of agrivoltaic contest

Nov 17 2021

Spain-based energy company Iberdrola has selected four projects through the contest it launched in May to identify competitive and innovative solutions to combine solar PV plants with activities related to agriculture, horticulture, livestock, fish-farming, or bee-keeping. The company said it received 110 proposals from 32 countries.

Only one of the four selected projects is not specifically relying on PV as an electricity source –that of French company Itk – which will provide its FarmLife cow behavior monitoring and analysis platform for improving a farm’s performance and resilience. The other three projects are all schemes related to the combination of agricultural activities with solar power generation.

One of them will be developed by Spanish renewable energy company EcoEnergías del Guadiana, which aims to set up tomato cultivation under a PV system built on fixed or retractable structures. These should protect the crops during heat waves, save water, and improve harvest yields.

Source: pv magazine International