How Egypt’s FreshSource is simplifying the B2B agri-supply chain, and eyeing MENA expansion

Mar 28 2022

Egyptian startup FreshSource is a B2B agri-supply chain platform that connects food producers to businesses and exporters, thus increasing their income, and it is now targeting expansion across the MENA region.

Launched in January 2019 by siblings Farah and Omar Emara, FreshSource is a B2B agri-supply chain platform that leverages technology to change the way fresh goods are sourced, moved and sold. The startup partners with a range of producers, such as farms, and supplies businesses such as restaurants, hotels and online retailers with fresh fruit and vegetables.

FreshSource ensures fair and transparent prices, as well as micro-financing and technical development, while maintaining an holistic cold chain that optimises resources, storage and distribution. This leads to a food loss average of just two per cent, against a national average of 45 per cent.

Source: Disrupt Africa