How can the Arab world accelerate climate-resilient development?

Oct 14 2021

How the climate crisis in the Arab region (the most water scarce region in the world) is tackled today and in the coming years will determine the future of the sustainable development agenda and our ability to adapt to increasingly frequent and severe climate impacts. In each scenario, the impacts on development and poor people will be huge especially on water and food security.

While much of the debate in the Arab region around climate finance in the context of sustainable development focuses on “how much,” equally important questions are how or by whom they will be implemented, and how they will be financed. However, the region’s share of global CO emissions is less than 5%, there are only 5 of 22 Arab states that have accessed the Green Climate Fund, and efforts must be redoubled to align development co-operation with climate action.

Given the complex challenges to do more with less, the Arab region is highly vulnerable to climate change and can hardly be expected to shoulder climate change alone. New sources of finance and mobilising domestic resources are needed to support climate resilience and adaptation in the region.

Source: Smart Water Magazine | Blogs