How can food businesses improve their water stewardship?

Jan 21 2022

The global food and beverage sector is worth an incredible $6 trillion and lies at the very heart of the water crisis, with companies in the industry reliant on vast amounts of water… and, as such, they’re among the first to feel the impacts of interruptions to and the unpredictability of global water supplies.

Ceres analysis shows that the sector consumes 70 per cent of freshwater resources around the world to grow and manufacture its products, but because these resources are being depleted and polluted at increasingly alarming rates, exacerbated by the physical effects of climate change, it has now become absolutely vital for food businesses to review their water stewardship and make necessary changes with immediate effect.

What impact does the food sector have on water resources?

Agriculture is highly dependent on water and, consequently, the food sector is facing increasing risks related to water stress and scarcity, as well as pollution – but the industry also has its part to play in causing the water crisis in the first instance.

Source: Smart Water Magazine | Blogs