Green economy in the Mediterranean: opportunities, strategies and services to develop investment

Jun 29 2021

The Green Growth Community (GGC) partners Dynamic Vision PC. and Anima Investment Network organised an event – hosted in the Circle the Med platform – that gathered speakers from the North and the South of the Mediterranean to share views, experiences and opportunities about the green economy in the region.

The Green Growth matinee that took place the 20th of May was a rich exchange between the speakers that share their knowledge and experiences on green investment in the Mediterranean. The event was divided in two parts. The first part was drawn as a webinar where the speakers presented opportunities and challenges for the green economy in the region. Mercè Boy Roura – the GGC Coordinator – presented the Community to the audience showcasing the tools and opportunities that the GGC offers to boost the transition towards a circular economy in the Mediterranean.

Matthew Stephenson – Policy and Community Lead for International Trade and Investment, World Economic Forum – draw a general picture of the situation in the Mediterranean but also globally. He highlighted the importance of good instruments to create the most suitable environment for green investment. “If you have a good tool then you can apply it to any situation”, Stephenson affirmed.