Go2Market Program: Eight Teams Selected to Join Accelerator

Dec 29 2021

The Hackathon sessions covered intellectual property, business model validation, and building financial projections.

After an intensive 3-day Hackathon, eleven startups and/or projects pitched their ideas and only eight were selected to join the Go2Market Acceleration program, enabling these innovators and entrepreneurs to validate their ideas and develop their Go2Market strategy.

The Go2Market Regional Hackathon and Acceleration Program is organized by Berytech under the PHEMAC project, enabling researchers to validate their innovation in the market, further strengthen their know-how and define their go-to-market strategy tapping into the Mediterranean Food-Energy-Water Nexus sector.

On December 9, 2021, the twelve teams pitched to a jury of experts and professionals. The session started with a welcome note from Gustavo Perez Gonzales, Senior Project Manager of Phemac, and hosted Shada El-Sharif, Senior Advisor, Climate Change & Sustainability, and Founder of SustainMENA as she gave a presentation on the WEF nexus sector in the Mediterranean.


Source: Berytech