GIMED: Over 150 participants at the EcoSwitch Festival, the first annual event for Green Enterprises in Lebanon

Dec 08 2021

“The festival included different knowledge-sharing discussions, expert panel sessions, speed dating and networking activities.”

The first annual EcoSwitch Festival for eco-entrepreneurs in Lebanon welcomed over 65 particpants online and 80 at the physical networking event at the Beirut Digital District, where they got the chance to meet and exchange collaboration proposals. Organized by the EcoSwitch Coalition, two green eco-innovators trained by GIMED participated in the event: Pierre Baaklini from Lebanon Waste Management project and Raymond Boustani from

The EcoSwitch Coalition, in which Berytech is a member, is a partnership of well-established institutions, NGOs and businesses that has been created in 2020 to strengthen the support to eco-entrepreneurs in Lebanon, extend and multiply their positive impact through targeted assistance. The event was divided into three days (online days: 23rd, 24th and physical event: 25th of November), with the welcoming of Andrea Ruzo, Project Manager at the Regional Activity Center for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SPC/RAC), on the physical gathering.

Source: Berytech