GIMED: Boniviri, a start-up bringing high quality food to the table in Italy

Jun 17 2021

“Our idea wants to solve one of the problems of small Italian farmers: they often produce excellent food, but have problems in marketing them”. These are some of the words shared by Corrado Paternò, the founder and manager of Boniviri. The Italian start-up is a benefit corporation that develops healthy and high-quality agrifood products such as virgin olive oil, creating social and environmental value together with those who buy and those who produce.

More and more consumers in Italy want high quality and sustainable products and also know the producers. Boniviri buys healthy and long-life products at a fair price measuring the carbon footprint of their products and resetting them with reforestation projects. They also develop packaging as sustainable as possible and take the risk of marketing the products, helping farms and supporting them throughout the production process.

In a nuthsell, Boniviri three main’s objectives are:

  1. Protect small farms of excellence, undertaking with them a path of sustainability
  2. Mitigate climate change through the compensation of greenhouse gas emissions generated by its value chain
  3. Develop eco-friendly products

Boniviri was founded by three members, all of them working in different fields before creating the start-up such as consultancy, marketing and agriculture. “The company was founded approximately 8 months before joining GIMED’s training program”, comments Corrado. They discovered this opportunity through a friend working in the EU project management sector. Thus, they applied and got selected by Fondazione Communità di Messina, the Italian partner of the project.

Source: ENI CBC Med