Ghoorcom : Reconnecting farmer and buyer by removing the middleman

Apr 17 2022

Eliminating the middleman — who typically takes a large share of the farmer’s revenue, underpays for bulk produce, and sells it to food hubs at higher rates — between Jordanian farmers and retailers in a business-to-business model is Ghoorcom’s main goal.

This local social enterprise uses technology to apply integrated and optimized supply chain solutions using multi-payment gateways that assist farmers and retailers maximize benefit. The solutions allow farmers to receive more for their product directly from buyers, while buyers enjoy a cheaper price.

As for the produce, it remains fresher due to the elimination of unreliable distribution methods.  • “Technology is a means to an end, not an end in itself,” said Mohammed Oqeili, the founder and chief executive officer of Ghoorcom. “To level the playing field and encourage transparency and fair trade for all parties, we needed to discover a way outside the traditional nexus and supply chain approach. Typically, a farmer’s crop passes through numerous layers of middlemen, with each layer’s price increasing without adding commensurate value,” he explained.

Source: Jordan News