From Lebanon To the Globe: Eight Lebanese Agri-businesses In Italy

Sep 28 2021

The aim of QOOT Cluster’s delegation is to foster the Lebanese – Italian relationship and navigate potential collaboration while empowering the agri-food sector in Lebanon.

Robinson AgriDebbane Freres, Lama FoodsNatagri, Karma Lebanon, Zakka Technologies, Biomass, and Rawda farms are the eight Lebanese agribusinesses and members of the QOOT Cluster who represented the Lebanese agricultural scene in the yearly MACFRUT Fair in Rimini, Italy, held from September 7-9, 2021.

Participating in MACFRUT

QOOT Cluster collaborated with the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), to support members of the QOOT Cluster to participate in the MACFRUT Fair, a yearly event that focuses on input supplies, fresh produce, bio-solutions, packaging, and machinery. The fair was an opportunity for the members to benefit from acquiring new knowledge of the market and trends, meeting new partners, and gaining visibility on an international scale.

Participants in this exhibition benefitted from the opportunity to see the latest technologies in the agri-food sector, and to foster new business collaborations and linkages such as meeting with agricultural importers and exporters in the European market.

Source: Berytech