FoodSight: The Journey Of A Woman Entrepreneur In Agri-Food Technology

Mar 15 2021

Fidele el Achkar is the CEO and co-founder of FoodSight – a food-tech startup enrolled in the third batch of Berytech’s Agrytech Accelerator Program.
In her blog post, Fidele describes in her own words the journey of becoming an agri-food entrepreneur and launching a business in extremely challenging times.

Been there

Whether you’re someone with an idea that was never written down or put into action, or someone who has been preparing a startup or a side project just for the sake of change or to generate some additional income, good ideas often come and go. 

But what if they didn’t? What if you took steps to pursue your ideas and see if they were good? 

The thing is, we’ve been there! 

Eighteen months ago, I saw the gaps and the many challenges facing the Lebanese agri-food sector and, based on my experience in the F&B industry and my social engagements, had an idea in mind that could resolve some of these challengesBut, like many of us, I didn’t know how to translate it into an innovative and practical solution.  

I had the vision to support small food enterprises, promote food safety, share technologies and knowledge. Here FoodSight was born. 

What’s FoodSight?

We are a consulting services company providing food safety, and quality and regulatory compliance services to food manufacturers through a combination of technology and access to top talent.

Source: FoodSight