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  • Energy Transition Heroes Address Equity and Climate Challenges

Energy Transition Heroes Address Equity and Climate Challenges

Jun 27 2021

“It is the responsibility of our generation to ensure that young people are actively engaged in our challenges,” said IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera, addressing young people from around the world at the first webinar in a new series of IRENA Youth Talks titled “Energy Transition Heroes”.

“You’ve been fearless in standing up to what is right and each one of you is a hero and a pioneer,” he added. “To build a new energy system, we need you.”

In collaboration with Enel Foundation, IRENA launched the series this week to empower young people by offering a platform to share ideas, be heard and learn from experts in various fields related to the energy transition.

“We believe that a just energy transition revolving around electricity as the main vector is the most powerful solution to achieve climate and sustainable goals and tackle several inequalities” said Michele Crisostomo, Chair of Enel and Chair of the Scientific Committee of Enel Foundation. “It’s key that we provide the younger generation with opportunities to understand the chances and the challenges of the energy transition and take active part in its future development, so to promote intergenerational collaboration and new ideas.”


Source: IRENA | News