Egypt’s GoodsMart raises $3.6 million to grow its contactless grocery delivery platform

Jul 27 2021

Cairo-based grocery delivery platform GoodsMart has raised $3.6 million in fresh funds in a round led by Sawari Ventures, it announced today. The startup has previously raised money from Algebra Ventures in two rounds.

Launched in 2014, GoodsMart enables users in West Cairo to order groceries using its mobile app. On the surface, it may look like any other grocery delivery startup but the overall user experience and operating model GoodsMart has is completely different. Its grocery delivery service is contactless as the users receive their orders in a pre-installed GoodsMart box outside their homes.

Once a user signs up on the platform, GoodsMart installs a delivery box at their doorstep. As soon as the installation is complete, they can order groceries using its mobile app. All the orders are delivered between midnight and 6 am so the users find the groceries in the box when they wake up in the morning. The customers can also use the option of recurring orders to receive certain products on a regular basis.


Source: MENA bytes