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  • Ecomondo & Key Energy 2021, Italy says «Green»: The Circular Economy passes through Rimini

Ecomondo & Key Energy 2021, Italy says «Green»: The Circular Economy passes through Rimini

Oct 29 2021

The 2021 edition of Italian Exhibition Group’s two shows, the main reference points for the circular economy and renewable energies in Europe and the Mediterranean basin, has come to a close. More than 1,080 brands in Rimini to share green technology expertise and over 500 hours of conferences.

The road to ecological transition has been plotted and passes through Rimini, where Ecomondo and Key EnergyItalian Exhibition Group’s two shows dedicated to the circular economy and renewable energies, closed today with results far beyond the most optimistic forecasts. Almost 85% of attendance compared to the last pre-covid edition, more than 1,080 brands exhibiting throughout the Expo Centre covering 90% of the area, 500 hours of conferences and seminars and the tenth anniversary of the States General of the Green Economy , are numbers that confirm how the urge towards ecological transition also passes through these two historical Rimini events. A place for debate and, above all, business for a community of companies, institutions, bodies and organisations that, in Rimini Expo Centre’s halls, discussed the prominent issues on the agendas of all governments today, particularly in view of the opportunities offered by the NRRP on the eve of a such a fundamental political appointment as COP26 in Glasgow. Italian government participation was also important and qualified, as was the aegis of the European Commission, underlining the importance that these events have assumed over the years as a point of reference both in the Mediterranean area and for top-level European institutions involved in policy, research and innovation within the sectors concerned.

Source: Energy Egypt