EBN2021: Ramy Boujawdeh Talks Global Megatrends Informing The Direction Of Innovation

Oct 04 2021

As an entrepreneurship support ecosystem, our role in the region is to retain that talent and keep them here and help them grow in the ecosystem.

Berytech’s Deputy GM, Ramy Boujawdeh, was a panelist at the that happened online on Sep14-15, 2021. The panel explored how the challenges and needs of regional actors are affecting the strategy of business innovation actors throughout the globe.

Here are some highlights from his intervention talking about the retention of talent, connecting to players in the region, and the need for internationalization. You can watch the entire panel discussion on this link.

Which global megatrends can inform us about the direction of innovation? What are some of the main contextual regional or European global challenges that you are facing?

The food security component is a major challenge. A lot of the South Med countries are food insecure: production demand is growing, a lot of people from rural communities are moving to urban communities, and the misuse of resources to produce more is affecting resource availability. Water is a major scarcity in the region and if we don’t optimize on that we will have growing issues with its availability. Energy has a tremendous opportunity in the region, it’s a very sunny region, and energy efficiency is not reached, so there’s a lot more to be done there. A high population of youth graduating is not able to find jobs and this is where we see the migration.

Source: Berytech