Developing Research Projects with IoT Technology

Apr 07 2021

IoT technology based on wireless sensor networks makes it possible to develop numerous research projects related to environmental sustainability, precision agriculture, smart cities and industry 4.0.

All these research areas are supported by funding programs of the European Union and other international organizations for the development of digitization.

Libelium supports public and private R&D research centers to provide their projects with IoT technology to optimize their results and facilitate their future practical application.

1. Precision agriculture projects

Eradicating hunger in the world while ensuring healthy, nutritious and sufficient food for all those in vulnerable situations is one of the greatest challenges of the modern -and digital- world in which we live. Not without forgetting that it is one of the sustainable development goals proposed by the UN to be achieved by 2030.

Achieving this goal requires the use of a technology to improve production efficiency and help achieve a more equitable distribution of food among the population.

2. Environmental monitoring and climate change prevention projects

Is it possible to increase the quantity and quality of production, making the best use of resources, while minimizing the environmental impact? Not only do we need to focus on making production more efficient thanks to technology, but we also need this process to be sustainable over time.

Greenhouse gas emissions and the global energy consumption of the food industry make this model unsustainable. Measuring the quality of the air we breathe and being able to apply solutions that prevent the advance of these gases will help us to prevent thousands of deaths per year.

3. Water resources sustainability projects

Weather forecasts and sensors that measure soil moisture allow watering only when necessary and for the right amount of time. Also population growth and climate change are the main challenges for water, a scare resource.

Source: Libelium