DEMETER tackling sustainability

Dec 13 2021

DEMETER aims to lead the Digital Transformation of the European Agrifood sector based on the rapid adoption of advanced technologies, such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Decision Support (DSS), Benchmarking, Earth Observation, etc., to increase performance in multiple aspects of farming operations, as well as to ensure the long-term viability and sustainability of the sector.

Looking at the DEMETER pilots, we can see many are aimed at reducing water, energy, pesticide and fertilizer usage.  For example, in our Pilot ‘Cluster 1 Arable Crops’ we have several pilots tackling sustainability:

The ‘Water & Energy Savings in Irrigated Crops’ pilot aims to optimise the irrigation of arable crops by improving the automation of irrigation zones, resulting in greater efficiencies in water and energy savings.

‘Smart Irrigation Service in Rice & Maize Cultivation’ aims to maximize water use efficiency in the rice–maize crop rotation system, through the deployment of appropriate sensor systems and science-based decision making.   A nitrogen fertilisation advisory service is also provided by the pilot.

‘IoT corn Management and Decision Support Platform’ aims to implement an IoT Corn Decision Support System Platform for farmers to improve water management, including water quality, save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.