Data-driven Agtech Startup Rural Farmers Hub is Improving the Lives of Farmers

Apr 22 2022

The commercialisation of African Smallholder Farming is a logical step for the 70% of small-scale subsistence farmers on the continent. Excess produce translates to profits and this, in turn, improves livelihoods. However, the logic step is usually the hardest to take, as is illustrated by the farmers that Rural Farmers Hub considers clientele.

Farmers in Northern Nigerian have the odds stacked against them: unpredictable rainfall patterns; old harmful farming practices and unavailability of markets. These are only some of the challenges crippling farmers who could otherwise profit tremendously from the land they work so hard on.

Enter Rural Farmers Hub. Founded by Gabriel Eze and Olusegun Adegun in 2018, the agtech start-up is a private e-Extension Service provider that is helping farmer organisations and extension Agents support their farmers through the use of better farming decisions via satellite remote sensing or in-person facilities. The company’s core product – Capture™ – uses a proprietary algorithm and big data to assess crop and soil health, then generate near-real-time farming insights and advice.

“Our value proposition is to provide data-driven advice so that farmers can see improved yield based on that advice,” says CEO Adegun.

Source: Startupbootcamp Afritech