Compost Baladi at Expo 2020

Nov 09 2021

“The Lebanese company has developed a patented solution for households, farmers, municipalities and companies to convert food waste and paper to compost and fertiliser”

Millions of farmers, students, teachers, and people with special needs had their lives transformed through programmes financially supported by Expo 2020 Dubai. TheExpo Live initiative over the past five years has helped more than 5.8 million people around the globe through 140 programmes, including Compost Baladi, a Lebanese company that helps convert food waste and paper to compost; a Costa Rica company that uses bamboo instead of wood as its main raw material; and another organization in Colombia that uses technology to help low-income families formalize their property titles instead of depending on unreliable middlemen.

The grants from Expo ensured promising startups and entrepreneurs were able to break the “credibility barrier”, access additional capital, enhance their companies and reach more people. According to Yousuf Caires, Senior Vice President of Expo Live, the programme has supported the education of 611,000 people through online learning and improved thelivelihoodsof 760,000 farmers. “For many, the Expo Live grant was their first major investment, which started the ball rolling to attract more financial support farther down the line,” he said.

Source: Berytech