Communicating for change: a systems innovation approach

Mar 01 2022

The Interreg MED Green Growth Community held the second communication training on the 22 of February. The session focused on envisioning the future of sustainable extra virgin olive oil production and developing a visual story following a systems innovation approach.

The second Interreg MED Green Growth Community (GGC) training took place online gathering a diverse audience from across the Mediterranean. Representatives from local; national, and regional authorities; SMEs and enterprises; and NGOs mainly from Spain, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece and Tunisia. REVOLVE – the GGC’s communications partner, invited the whole Interreg MED Community and any other initiatives or actors in the field of sustainability to imagine different scenarios of the desired future. How do you imagine the world in 10 years? What do you want your project or initiative to look like in that future world? Which targets would you like to achieve?