Cleanergy Program Batch 1: Startups Move to Incubation and Growth with Berytech

Apr 20 2021

After four months of intensive work filled with challenges and triumphs, Berytech wrapped the second phase for the teams enrolled in its 3-phase Cleanergy Accelerator Program.

During that time the teams focused on planning, developing, and deploying their solution. The Berytech experts and team focused on helping the startups build a minimum viable product and test it with early adopters. Founders learned how to pitch for a general audience and investors. They also learned how to prioritize and choose strategic markets in the years forward.

The challenges of the accelerator and the hurdles of the last year did not stop the ambitious and determined entrepreneurs from participating in different startup competitions in the ecosystem and reaping several awards worth $180,000: Cleanergy Accelerator Startups Shine In The Ecosystem.

Source: Berytech