Bridging the link between science, policy, and practice in Digital Climate Advisory Services

Dec 12 2021

Author: Tomaso Ceccarelli 

Digital Climate Advisory Services (DCAS) are digital services (mobile apps, radio, and climate information platforms) and digitally enabled services (printed bulletins and extension services) offering climate information that target small-scale producers (SSPs), helping them to adapt to climate variability and change. DCAS are increasingly recognised as an essential component to drive agricultural transformation, especially from the perspective of the most vulnerable: the small-scale producers in Low- and Mid-Income Countries. DCAS can provide actionable decision support to facilitate adaptation and mitigation in the agriculture sector, if underpinned by robust climate science and reliable data and if capable of responding to the needs of final users. Hence, there is a growing need to bridge the gaps between climate science, policy and practice through inclusive planning, co-design and co-production processes leading to high quality and fit-to-purpose DCAS for all small-scale producers.

Source: Digital Agri Hub | Blog & News